We just made paying your bills easier with eFAWATEERcom.

You can use our online payment service which enables you to instantly get your bills viewed or paid electronically online by using eFAWATEERcom a secured payment system.

eFAWATEERcom is an electronic, real time, payment system that aims to notify, view and pay all kind of periodic bills electronically through different banking channels to facilitate and accelerate the process of setting your issued bills in an easy and safe way 24/7.


- You no longer need to refer to the bank nor the biller to settle your outstanding balance.

- All in one place, you can easily access your account to check and review your utility and government bills. In addition to this, new organizations will continue to be added to the payment system in order to settle them all online.

- You get instant access to your bills the moment they are issued and the ability to instantly settle them via iBank.

- Immediate notification will be made via iBank and SMS (optional) of new bills and their settlements.

- To make it more convenient, you also have the flexibility and the option of automatic settlement once your bills are issued.

To get started register on iBank, www.ibank.jo, if not already registered, and create an online eFAWATEERcom profile.

Product conditions apply.

For more information, please visit any of our branches or call our contact center +962 6 500 1515.