Our internet banking just got brighter!

We have heavily invested in providing e-Banking services to our clients, through iBank which gives you access to a vast array of services including: account management, card management, payment and fund transfer services, service center, account maintenance with 360 degrees of portfolio viewing and management.

Our highly secure online platform gives you he peace of mind to conduct all your transactions from the comfort of your home of office.

We have introduced a state of the art mobile banking solution where our approach is based on multi-channel integration. New features will be witnessed that leverage the advanced technological capabilities of today's smart phones (android and iPhone).

If you have an internet connection, simply login and accomplish the following tasks:

Account Management

  • View balances and details of your accounts.
  • View/generate an account statement online.
  • Transfer funds within your accounts or transfer money to external bank’s accounts & Internationally.
  • Create future and recurring transfers
  • Open accounts in any currency you want.
  • Update your personal information on the system.
  • Settle your current bills through "eFAWATEERcom" system instantly, to more than 28 company or donate online to any of the registered charities.
  • Send and receive secured messages.
  • Inquire about your IBAN number needed for receiving funds transfers.

Cards Management

  • View balances and details of your credit cards.
  • View/generate statement online for any of your cards.

Other services:

  • Apply for “iCash” service.
  • New credit card request.
  • Credit card increase limit request.
  • Open credit card for internet usage.
  • Cheque Book Request.
  • CIF aggregation service.
  • Apply for any of our provided loans.
  • Balance certificate request.
  • Interest and commission certificate.
  • Send or receive special requests
  • Debit cards management: it allows you to put your control over all your debit cards, so you can change the daily limit of cash money withdrawal or change the allowable limit to withdraw on POS.
  • Expense analysis: a tool that analyses your expenses on your debit card or even your credit card.
  • You can review, save or print your cheques.