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Purchasing a Car

Find the car that fits

Purchasing a car is a purchase in comfort, style, and freedom. Firstly, decide what type of car fits you. There are many to choose from, and prioritizing your needs and wants in a car will help you realize what models to be focusing on. Then research what the best manufacturers/models are in the type of car you have decided on.

Choosing a dealer is as important as choosing a car

Once you have an idea of the type of car you are looking for, visit the appropriate dealerships. Visit only reputable dealers known for customer service, after sales service and support, and a wise sales team. Dealers often offer better deals near the end of the year, or at the end of a model's cycle. Be sure to test drive any car you are seriously considering buying.

Look over the car thoroughly

Before you test drive the car, look it over carefully to see what features it offers. Many models come in a number of editions, each of which will come equipped with varying features. Remember your list of prioritized needs and wants and check them off as you find them. Give the car a once-over for physical signs of reasons to be wary. Many cars hide their faults well, particularly used cars, and knowing how to see the telltale markings of future problems will save you time and money.

Drive off into the sunrise

When you have decided on the type and model, have found a dealer you feel comfortable with, and are ready to purchase your car, finalize the deal. Ensure the warranty offered is comprehensive enough to give you the security you need. Agree on a fair price. Having priced out competitive models will help in getting a good price on the car you want. When satisfied with everything, make the purchase and drive off into the sunrise of a new day.

Smart financing

With today’s fast paced life and economic unpredictability, why tie up your cash in a car? Freeing up your money allows you to invest in other opportunities that may come your way. At INVESTBANK we can provide you with competitive interest rates over a time frame that suits you. We believe that every individual has their unique lifestyle, which is addressed in various ways, and we accommodate our financing options to suit your lifestyle needs. Visit a branch near you to learn more about how we can get you behind the wheel faster.