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INVESTBANK sponsors Dozan wa Awtar’s “Muwashahat” enriching the audience’s musical sense

Fri, 05/11/2018

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative banking solutions, sponsored the “Muwashahat” performanceby Jordanian choir ensemble, Dozan wa Awtar. The five-day event, that started on May 9that the Rainbow Theater, is part of a series of original performances planned by the ensemble throughout 2018.

Building on Dozan wa Awtar’s iconic style, “Arabic Poetry in Song” explores the ancient Arabic tradition of Muwashahat, paying homage to this ancient and meticulous form of choir music. Accompanied by group of talented musicians and producers, the choir will offer audiences a taste of an era long gone — a time during which the art of Arabic choir flourished and peaked.

Speaking about the concert, Muntaser Dawwas, INVESTBANK’s CEO, Said: “Arabic Muwashahat rhythmic patterns is a musical form that speaks fluently to other traditions and opens to other cultures, not only among the Arab world, but also to the western culture.”

“Dozan wa Awtar continues to raise the bar for creative expression, maintaining their unwavering attention to detail and their emphasis on original content. The ensemble has a rich and diverse program planned for 2018, and we are pleased to support their journey as they continue to broaden the horizons of Jordan’s art and culture landscape.” Added Dawwas

Formed in 2008, Dozan wa Awtar is the leading secular choir in Jordan with a diverse membership and musical style, and the ensemble welcomes people of all nationalities who want to experience the joy of singing. Performing several concerts each year throughout the Kingdom, the choir explores music as a way of building a community rooted in love and mutual respect.